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Someone on StackExchange wondered why I like receiving directly from a mailing-list every post that it distributes.[1]

It's easier for me to sort and read threads in Thunderbird if the list sends every message to me.

It lets me see, without leaving Thunderbird, whether my message was successfully posted to the list. (Thankfully I do not use GMail which makes this impossible.)

If I were to post via the list's Google Groups web interface, I'd still be able to see the complete conversation in my email client.

If Google Groups disappears[2], I'd have a consistent archive of all list messages in my local mbox file. (rather than some email headers list-munged and some not)

For the latter issue (not receiving messages I approve as a mod), I have no way[3] to correctly reply to someone's message by e-mail (letting me generally stay sane, and PGP-sign my reply) if I don't have an e-mail copy of the replied-to message!

[1] That is, even posts that I might have another way of seeing, such as me being the sender, me being cc'ed, etc.

[2] (Google has a history of disabling services or subtly changing them. If Groups lost its email interface or required a Google+ account to join, then it would be unsuitable for my open-source project; I'm mainly using it because it's convenient today and I don't trust myself installing Mailman on a cheap VPS to be any more reliable long-term for the open-source project than Google.)

[3] Well, unless (A) Google showed its Message-ID: and (B) Thunderbird had a way of accepting a Message-ID of a post I don't have but am replying to, and setting my reply's In-Reply-To: and References: correctly so that e-mail threading is correct. Neither A nor B is the case: Google Groups web interface lets you view a version of the source where the Message-ID is deliberately partly obscured, just as the actual email addresses are obscured; and if you know a way in Thunderbird to control In-Reply-To please tell me!
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