2013-01-28 12:11 am

Enigmail & format=flowed

(The canonical location of this blog post is now Enigmail & format=flowed on my web site.)

I decided it was time to restore my ability to sign/encrypt e-mail.

  • OpenPGP is a common cryptographic standard used for e-mail.

  • GPG is the FOSS implementation of this standard.

  • Thunderbird is the desktop email client I use.

  • Enigmail is the Thunderbird plugin for using GPG in Thunderbird.

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2012-11-29 01:21 am
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Xdmx is (rather) broken.


Xdmx is an X11 tool that lets you treat two or more* X11 servers as two or more monitors. I tried to use it to make an old laptop be an external monitor (connecting over Ethernet). The old laptop would run an X server, and Xdmx would connect to that X server and to the one on my regular laptop. Then X11 applications would connect to Xdmx (which itself provides an X-server API), and I could move them between screens at will. Theoretically.
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